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Discover our tires and rims for your utility vehicles, lawn tractors and wheelbarrows

High performance tires for utility vehicles

If you are looking for the best tires for your utility vehicles or equipment (farm tractor, lawn tractor, log splitter, trailer, wheelbarrow, cart, trolley or other), you may have noticed that a wide range of choices are available. It goes without saying that you want the best possible tires for your utility vehicle.

But why are these tires so important? Because they help you tackle any terrain during your work. Many factors can be taken into consideration, from the type of vehicle used to the type of soil being worked, which can severely strain the tires. These tires are designed to ensure a perfect grip and give you the traction you need without hindering your efforts and especially the performance you want!


Maximum utility

Maximum Trailers works to provide you with a range of utility tires that are best suited to your needs while respecting your budget. When it comes time to renew your work machines or equipment, choose Maximum Trailers for the best online utility tire shopping experience!

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