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A trailer can be used for a variety of tasks, whether for short-distance or part-time work, and has proven utility and practicality on long journeys.

Different types and classes of trailer are available on the market. Whatever your preference, it’s important to have the right trailer designed for you. Each trailer has its own utility and customized options for your specific needs. One example is a tipping trailer for gravel, earth or wood. Others have ramps to load machinery or vehicles. From small one-axle trailers to larger three-axle trailers and even trailers with double wheels for heavy tasks.


Keep your trailers in top shape

There is a very popular class of trailer that is widely appreciated by families and outdoor recreationists. This is the camper or tent-trailer, which allows you to eat, sleep and sometimes bath in it.

Regardless, no matter how much and how often you use your trailer, be sure to perform regular checks and maintenance. Whether for tires, brakes, roller bearings or even lights, every trailer deserves an inspection from time to time to keep you and other drivers on the road safe!

Whether for the sale of parts and accessories, tires or even repairs or maintenance at one of our service points, the Maximum Trailers team will happily provide advice and help you get the most out of your trailer.

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