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ATV tires for maximum performance

All 4×4 all-terrain vehicles, such as ATVs, side-by-sides and utility vehicles, need to be well-fitted to meet your most demanding applications and maneuvers, regardless of the conditions!

Whether it’s an ATV for the woods at your cottage or for hunting, a side-by-side for the craziest dirt rides or a utility vehicle for farm work or public land maintenance, these 4×4 machines need to respond to numerous different situations and have maximum efficiency from the start, which all begins with the tires!


All-terrain vehicle tires, rapidly delivered

At Maximum Trailers, we have a wide selection of radial or nylon tires for your all-terrain vehicle. It’s simple, you shop online, you choose your tires, you proceed to checkout and you receive your tires at your home or workplace in under two business days! For a more personalized service and human contact, a pick-up service is also available at one of our points of service.

The Maximum Trailers team, always at your service for a pleasant experience with our products and our advice, so you can get the most out of your all-terrain vehicle!

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